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Greetings by smiling faces in traditional North African garb...

Course after course of Moroccan cuisine featuring marinated vegetables and succulent meats...

Nightly entertainment in the form of talented belly dancers...

Attentive staff that caters to your every need against the backdrop of Middle Eastern music and decor...

The Marrakesh restaurant is an exotic dining experience that transcends mere dining, pulling you out of your daily routine and transporting you into a Moroccan palace for the rest of your evening.

With two large versatile dining areas, our venue is intimate enough to create romantic anniversaries and special moments to be remembered for life, yet spacious enough to cater events ranging from birthday celebrations, to wedding receptions and corporate events.

Let our specialists assist you with all of your party planning and meeting needs. Whether selecting elegant calligraphy for your invitations or choosing a photographer to document your latest product introduction, our experienced private dining managers and personalized attentive service are the industry's finest.

From intimate affairs to entertaining on a grand scale, Marrakesh promises an out of the ordinary dining experience that you will never forget.

Phone: 202 393 9393 - Fax: 202 737 3737 - Email: info@Marrakesh.us

A Taste of Morocco

A note from the Kouchacjis

Since 1982 we have entertained and served thousands of delighted patrons. Our tremendous success has sparked both imitators and claims of association from others, but we can assure you that the unique and original Marrakesh stands only at 617 New York Avenue in the nations capital.

We look forward to continue providing our local and international guests with the same unique dining experience that we have been known for over the past 30 years.

Welcome to Marrakesh


No Frame

Moroccan Dining Experience


617 New York Ave NW

Washington, D.C., 20001 U.S.A.

(202) 393-9393

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